a journey to our own center... 

Location and Design

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The Labyrinth is a wonderful addition to the Bozeman community and fits perfectly with the Library, the Sculpture Park, and the Bozeman trail system.


The labyrinth was designed by Shara Keys of DHM Design in Bozeman, MT.



The labyrinth was built by Greenspace Landscaping Inc. of Bozeman, MT.


This location is accessible to everyone in Bozeman. There is parking nearby at the base of Peet’s Hill and at the Library. There is easy access from the Gallagator Linear Trail. It is in close proximity to Main Street, the Library, the Hospital, Lindley Park, and the Cemetery.


The Labyrinth becomes another work of art in the Sculpture Park.


The Labyrinth is a festive, joyful gathering place and performance space – for weddings, music, and celebrations – in addition to being a place of quiet meditation.


There are currently many memorial benches along the trails and in the sculpture Park. The space around the Labyrinth will provide a beautiful setting for additional memorial benches.

The Bozeman Public Library Labyrinth is an 8 circuit path on a 52' diameter circular surface built of granite cobblestone from Butte, MT and Montana sandstone. It was built by local Montana craftsmen and is a beautiful work of art that will be a durable structure requiring minimal maintenance.