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The Labyrinth Project

 In the Spring of 2017 the Board of Directors of the Bozeman Library approved a plan to build a labyrinth on the Library grounds. The Labyrinth will be a beautifully landscaped 50' diameter circular surface built of Montana sandstone and reclaimed granite cobblestones from Butte and will be a wonderful complement to the sculpture park and the trails that lead from the Library.


The Labyrinth will be a quiet oasis where people can relax, meditate, and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. It will be built adjacent to the Gallagator trail, close to Peet's Hill, and will have parking nearby. The Labyrinth will be a wonderful amenity for the Bozeman community.


The total cost of the Labyrinth is $80,000 and fundraising is well underway through the Bozeman Public Library Foundation. Construction of the Labyrinth is expected to take place in the summer of 2018.


Please scroll through this website to learn more about the Bozeman Public Library Labyrinth Project.